Philosophy Resources

How to write a philosophy paper?

I have this paper to write for my PHL class — what the heck do I do now? The resources here will help you answer that question:
Jessica Wilson’s ‘Guidelines on writing a philosophy paper’
Jim Pryor’s ‘Guidelines on writing a philosophy paper’
Paul Raymont’s ‘Tips for writing an argumentative philosophy paper’ 

Academic behavior

Click here for the University of Toronto’s code of academic behavior.

Links of interest to philosophers

  • Philosophical Gourmet Report
    Philosophy’s biennial internal reputational survey of graduate programs in the Anglophone world: students interested in graduate study should look here early and often.
  • PhilPapers
    Philosophy’s free internal catalog of books, journal articles, and manuscripts. Immensely useful categorization of the field; great search functions; easy to use links. Lively discussion forums.
  • The Leiter Reports
    Brian Leiter’s (University of Chicago; Philosophical Gourmet Report) weblog, covering issues in philosophy and the broader academy, as well as issues concerning culture and politics. Very fruitful comment threads in which philosophers hash out our vision of the nature and future of the profession.