Greetings from UTSC Philosophy as we begin the 2016-17 session. We anticipate another great year of philosophy and philosophizing. All our course listings have been updated; students should check them out, especially, for advanced students, the specialized D-level courses offered this year. The faculty pages have also been updated, with information on recent research activity as well teaching plans for 2016-17.

A number of changes in the department are worth noting.

Two new instructors will join our department for the coming year. They are professors Kenneth Boyd and Jonathan Rick (you can check out what they are teaching on our course listings). Sadly (for us) Anthony Bruno is leaving to take up a postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University.

Congratulations again to Karolina Hübner for her ‘upgrade’ to associate professor with tenure. Karolina enjoyed her first sabbatical in 2015-16 and we hope is ready and eager to rejoin us for 2016-17. Also back from leave are Jessica Wilson and Benj Hellie. We have almost a full complement.

But not quite. Our long standing, hard-working and long suffering chair, Philip Kremer, has finished his term and will enjoy 2016-17 as a leave. In the meantime, William Seager will serve as interim chair (with Sonia Sedivy as associate chair) while a new permanent chair is sought.

The department’s administrative anchor, Jason Ferreira, will maintain his position in our beloved portable. Students are free to drop by the department with questions. Jason can either answer them or will direct you to someone who knows the answer.

Students should also check out our Association of Philosophy Students (APS, at https://utscaps.wordpress.com) which organizes a number of instructive and fun philosophy events throughout the year. We welcome the new APS executive for 2016-17:
President: Vivian Du
VP External: Migel Maltoo
VP Academics: Kristina Dukoski
VP Events: Hadia Khan
VP Operations: Michelle Tobiash

So, have a look around our web site and drop by the department. We look forward to welcoming new philosophy students and welcoming back returning students.

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